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SurfaceChat is a fun, interactive chatting server where you can play with your friends and with others. In addition to a public chat that is moderated my many people, we also have giveaways, a Minecraft server with tons of fun things to do and explore, and we sell advertisements for social media growth.


SurfaceChat has a safe and friendly chat platform with automatic message-filtering bots and moderators that will always be online and monitoring. Our chat is a fun place to discuss and socialize with other people while also knowing that the chat is safe. It is very active and occasionally there are giveaways in the chat, or special events. You can also gain rewards for talking in chat that cost real money.


Our server fequently has giveaways. Most of these giveaways are sponsored (where you have to join other server to enter) but sometimes they are not, and you can enter with the click of a button! Most of these giveaways are 5 to 10 dollars, and happen 2 times a week. Most of the time 100-50 people join, so if you join them every week, you have pretty high chances compared to other massive giveaways.


Do you want to expand your growth on social media? Our server has a ton of packages for you to choose that will help you promote yourself online. Want a cheap 5 dollar package that will give you around 50 joins in a server? Want a 20 dollar one that will give you 200? We have all these packages. You can even request a custom one, and we will make arrangements! Most packages involve giveaways where the people have to join your server to enter.

What are you waiting for?